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Harmony Systems, Inc., maker of Delora Software, is a micro-company located in Middletown, MD. We developed software applications that serve producers and musicians by enhancing the tools used to create music compositions.

Harmony Systems, Inc.

Harmony Systems, Inc., founded in 1983, has provided innovative products to the personal computer and music and recording industry for over 40 years. Harmony Systems' novel products have been licensed to industry leaders, making Harmony Systems the "silent partner" behind numerous award winning products.

Harmony Systems was one of the first companies to bring to market products using the MIDI standard. Its SynHance™ family of MIDI peripherals brought professional recording features and capabilities into the personal studio. The SynHance MTS-1 pioneered low-cost tape synchronization that made possible spot-on synchronization between analog multitrack tape and digital MIDI sequencing. The SynHance Voice Vault™ family provided both storage expansion and library features to the Yamaha DX and TX series synthesizers through a stand-alone device.

Harmony Systems has also provided designs and technology to the electronic musical instrument industry. Its voltage control oscillator (VCO) design has been licensed to one of the leading modular synthesizer "revival" companies and is widely recognized for its superior performance and stability.

Harmony Systems, through its Delora Software brand, developed and offered iPad and iPhone apps for electronic musicians between 2010 and 2020. Its KymaConnect macOS application has been used by professional musicians and sound designers throughout the world since 2010.


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