Make your Capybara-based Kyma system usable with Delora’s vKiP iPad app

Because Symbolic Sound's "Midi over OSC" features are currently only available in their Paca(rana) line, CapyLink provides a communication "link" for enabling vKiP to communicate bidirectionally with the Capybara over a WiFi network.

CapyLink is a small Mac OSX user agent program that is simple to setup and can run quietly in the background for use automatically at log-in, making Kyma remote control always at hand.

User Manual

Capybara Owners

Want to reduct cost and complexity in your Kyma system setup, and benefit from some of the OSC facilities that Paca(rana) users have? Check out our KymaConnect OSX utility, your "CapyLink Deluxe" alternative!

CapyLink Requirements

  • Mac OSX 10.5 or higher (G5 Macs supported on Leopard only)
  • Symbolic Sound Kyma X with Capybara 320 sound engine
  • desire to use Delora vKiP iPad app (available on the App Store)