gbTouch Requirements & Setup

Requirements & Setup



  • iPad or iPad mini running iOS 5.1 or greater
  • Apple GarageBand '11** application installed on your Mac (**gbTouch works with GarageBand '09 with some limitations as described in the user manual).
  • gbLink 3.1.2 (or higher), Delora Software's FREE OSX application. gbLink runs on G5 Macs running OSX 10.5.8, or Intel Macs running OSX 10.5.8 or higher. See Setup section.
  • Wi-Fi access to same computer where gbLink is installed
  • iPad Bluetooth must be set to OFF during a gbTouch session to ensure reliable communications with GarageBand


You will need to do a few ESSENTIAL steps listed below that will only take a few minutes to get gbTouch operational. These steps are needed because gbTouch requires a (free) companion application called gbLink that is installed on the Mac where you have GarageBand. These steps usually only have to be done once and then you can use gbTouch just like any other iPad app. Read more about this in the user manual.

You can also watch the Getting Started video below or view the instructions in pictures form.

Getting Started with gbTouch Video

  • While using the Internet browser ON YOUR MAC in which you have GarageBand installed, click on the gbLink icon below to go to the gbLink download page. You will be taken to a page to type in a security code, and gbLink will download to your computer. You cannot download and install gbLink using your iPad.

  • The file in your Download folder will be a ZIP file called gbLink. Double click on it to extract it, then double click on the gbLink file and OSX will walk you through the installation screens.
  • Go to System Preferences on your Mac and click on the gbLink icon. You will see a preference pane. Click on the "Run" button, and 3 green segments will appear in the middle of the screen.
  • Close System Preferences
  • Go to the Settings application on your iPad and make sure Wi-Fi is ON for the same Wi-Fi network that your Mac uses.

Start GarageBand on your Mac. You are now ready to open up gbTouch and start using it on your iPad.

gbTouch - gbLink Compatibility & Updating

Because gbTouch feature upgrades may require changes to both gbTouch and gbLink, it's important to make sure your versions are in sync.

  • Current gbTouch version: 3.4.0
  • Current gbLink version: 3.1.2
If you upgrade to gbTouch 3.4, you must have gbLink 3.1.2 or higher or gbTouch will not open.

When updating gbLink, first go to System Preferences - gbLInk and press the STOP button. Press the gbLink icon in the Setup section to go to the download page. Once downloaded, re-install gbLink like you did originally.

To find which version of gbLink you are currently running:
  • on your Mac, go to the Apple System Preferences, click on gbLink
  • OR, on the iPad, click on the info button, then 'About'

Do You Use Multiple Controllers with GarageBand?

Having some issues with gbTouch? Be sure to read the article below for important information, even if you don't think you are running multiple controllers.