gbTouch + gbLink Setup

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On Your Mac where you have GarageBand installed, go to the Delora website
gbTouch setup 1
Do not try to download gbLink on the iPad or iPhone
gbTouch setup 2
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Go to the gbTouch product page
gbTouch setup 3
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Click on the gbLink icon at bottom of the gbTouch product page
gbTouch setup 4
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  • Type in CAPTCHA letters & numbers
  • Click on ‘Download gbLink’ button
gbTouch setup 5
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Open (double-click) on the downloaded gbLink zip file
gbTouch setup 6
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Open (double-click) on the gbLink.pkg file
gbTouch setup 7
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Complete the installer screen instructions
gbTouch setup 8
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Open System Preferences on the Mac
gbTouch setup 9
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Click on gbLink icon
gbTouch setup 10
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Press the ‘Run’ button
gbTouch setup 11
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Close the gbLink preference pane
gbTouch setup 12

*** Steps 1 - 11 usually only need to be done 1 time.
Repeat if you upgrade gbLink in future. ***

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Start GarageBand
gbTouch setup 13
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On your iPad, go to the Settings app
gbTouch setup 14
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  • Set Wi-Fi ON
  • Wi-Fi network connection to Mac with GarageBand
  • Set Bluetooth OFF
gbTouch setup 15
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Go to the gbTouch preferences - adjust if desired
gbTouch setup 16
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Start gbTouch on the iPad - Enjoy!