gbXRemote Requirements & Setup

Requirements & Setup


  • iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 8.4 or greater
  • Apple GarageBand (version 10.0.3 or higher and prior to version 10.2) DAW software application installed on your Mac
  • Wi-Fi access to same computer where GarageBand is installed
  • iPhone/iPod touch Bluetooth must be set to OFF during a gbXRemote session to ensure reliable communications with GarageBand


  • If you have been using GarageBand with other OSC controllers, such as Logic Remote, please first read the section below.
  • Open GarageBand on your Mac and the song you want to work on.
  • Make sure your iDevice's Wi-Fi is On and set to the same network as the Mac running GarageBand. Also confirm that Bluetooth is OFF on your iDevice. Both of these are found in the iOS Settings application.
  • Start up gbXRemote.
  • The FIRST TIME you use gbXRemote, you must establish the connection between GarageBand and gbXRemote. Tap on the info button (top right of gbXRemote main screen). It should be pulsing red. (In the future when you startup gbXRemote, after a few moments it should automatically connect to GarageBand.)
  • Tap on the "Connect" text.
  • Tap on the name of the computer where GarageBand is running. Exit the info screen.
  • On the GarageBand computer screen, you will see a message stating that a new OSC device has been recognized. Click on “OK”.
  • After a few moments, the info button will stop flashing and the gbXRemote screen should populate with song data. If you do not see the track name showing on the Main screen, tap on the arrows to the left or right and the screen should fill in. Also try going to the EQ and Master screens, then come back to the Main screen, or double tap on the current tab.

Do You Use Multiple OSC Controllers with GarageBand?

If you have used or plan to use other OSC controllers like Logic Remote and gbXRemote for controlling GarageBand 10, you will need to watch for potential performance problems and erratic operation by either app. GarageBand has issues when it has registered multiple OSC devices as control surfaces. Using Logic Remote, then using gbXRemote (or vice-versa) often causes GarageBand to incorrectly handle control surfaces. (A full description of this issue is found in the article below:)

If you want to use multiple OSC controllers, you may need to perform these steps if you notice problems:

  1. Exit GarageBand if it is running. Make sure gbXRemote or any other OSC device like Logic Remote is not running.
  2. Open Finder on your computer, select “Go to folder…” from its ‘Go’ menu.
  3. In the prompt box, type this: ~/Library/Containers/
  4. Click the Go button
  5. A finder window will show a list of files. Locate the one named:
  6. Delete that file (move to Trash)
  7. Start GarageBand
  8. Load a song
  9. Start gbXRemote and connect
  10. GarageBand should show the add control surface popup. Click “Add” and gbXRemote should be ready to use.