Turn an Akai APC40 hardware controller into a Kyma Virtual Control Surface

Mac OSX Agent Program Transforms APC40 Buttons into Kyma Controls

vKA delivers most of the features of the VCS in an intuitive, easy to use manner. Since the APC40 was designed as a control surface for Ableton Live, vKA allows use of the APC40 with Ableton Live even while controlling a Kyma sound. vKA has special “smarts” to alternate between “Live mode” and “VCS mode” without missing a beat. vKA with the APC40 may well be the best option if you like to use Kyma on stage.

This diagram shows how vKA uses certain APC40 controls (in yellow) to achieve Kyma VCS functionality.

Delora vKA app

OSC Makes it Happen

vKA supports "Midi over OSC" technology, allowing vKA to communicate with Kyma on Paca(rana) setups without the use of physical interfaces.

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  • Mac OSX 10.5 or higher (G5 Macs supported on Leopard only)
  • Akai APC40 Ableton Controller
  • Symbolic Sound Kyma 7 or Kyma X, plus Paca, Pacarana or Capybara sound design engine running most recent Kyma software and firmware
  • To be used with Kyma Capybara (or Paca(rana) without the MIDI-Over-OSC feature), vKA requires a Firewire, USB or other physical MIDI interface connecting the Kyma hardware to your Mac

Info - Benefits

  • Native OSX user agent program compatible with Intel and G5 Macs running Leopard or Intel Macs running 10.5 or higher
  • Transforms the Akai APC40’s MIDI commands to and from appropriate Kyma VCS control messages
  • Supports Symbolic Sound Capybara sound engine and Paca(rana) family of sound engines
  • Works with a direct MIDI connection to the sound engine, or optionally with the Paca(rana) using its “MIDI-over-OSC” network MIDI protocol
  • Provides a “virtual MIDI port” when used with the Paca(rana) and “MIDI-over-OSC”, giving MIDI applications direct communication with the Paca(rana) without additional MIDI or USB interfaces.
  • Retains Ableton Live APC40 compatibility
  • Easy one button switching between controlling Ableton Live or Kyma VCS
  • Can be used with Delora KymaConnect utility to further expand the Paca(rana)’s MIDI connections
  • "Set up once and forget about it" ease-of-use