Delora Support

The FAQ’s, user manuals, and advice articles below may answer your questions. Information about legacy (discontinued) products is at the bottom of the page. Use our Contact form if you need additional support. We’re also interested to hear your recommendations for product improvements.

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FAQs: rsTouch for Reason
FAQs: vKiP, vKi & CapyLink for Kyma
FAQs: lpTouch for Logic
FAQs: rsRemote for Reason
FAQs: KymaConnect, vM2, vKA

User Manuals (pdfs)

rsTouch User Manual
vKiP User Manual
vM2 User Manual
lpTouch User Manual
rsRemote User Manual
vKA User Manual
KymaConnect User Manual

Mac Support Files for rsTouch & rsRemote

Tap on the buttons if you need to download the support files required for rsTouch and rsRemote

Legacy Product Information

The products below have been discontinued for sale but this information may be useful to existing customers.

FAQs: gbXRemote for GarageBand
gbXRemote User Manual
gbRemote & gbLink User Manual
vKi User Manual
FAQs: gbTouch & gbLink for GarageBand ‘11
gbTouch & gbLink User Manual
PacaConnect User Manual

Tap the button if you need to download the gbLink Mac app required for gbTouch & gbRemote